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The Third Teacher ↵

It began as a book, produced by an international team of architects, designers and product manufacturers (VS) to change the way we think about the learning environment. The Third Teacher raises a fundamental point that the environment in which children are taught is a key component in the actual learning process - actively becoming 'the third teacher' alongside educators and peers in the ecology of human interaction, understanding and development.

Due to the inspiring success of the book, leading architects Cannon Design formed a subsidiary organisation called 'The Third Teacher + (plus)' - a networked hive-mind of global educational designers, visionaries and advisors. Their altruistic mission is to change the curricular approach to teaching and create more effective learning environments - on an international level.


Following on from the inspiring book of the same name, The Third Teacher+ (plus) Consultancy are a collaborative group of leading global educational and design visionaries. Their mission is to use the design process to better serve 21st century pupils by developing the actual learning environment to become 'the third teacher' in education.

Take a look at the video below for an overview, or visit their website for more information.

The Third Teacher book ↵

The Third Teacher is an insightful 'must read' and essential resource for anyone involved in designing or planning a learning environment.

Who are we talking about? ↵

Developed through the relationships built around The Third Teacher book project, The Third Teacher + is an education design consultancy within Cannon Design visit website.

What value does this offer you? ↵

A great book and reference resource which offers architects, FF&E consultants or Furniture dealers access to some of the latest trends within the learning environment and current 'best practices' for education in schools.

Do we really learn by failing? ↵

Christian Long is an educator, school planner, and passionate advocate for innovative learning communities. He regularly speaks nationally and internationally on topics ranging from emerging trends in education to innovative school planning practices. In the video clip below, Christian raises the question 'do we learn by failing?' arguing a compelling case that despite a relentless quest for perfection through improvements in the technology and processes we use, logical solutions are often overlooked or misjudged - creating a scenario for failure.

Understanding and embracing how and when 'failure' is likely to occur, allows us to recognise outcomes more clearly and rethink our approach to learning though the design process. Using stories, anecdotes and visual examples, Christian gives us the confidence to accept failure and adopt a straight-forward 'what if?' approach, as a more organic method to design for education.


An inspiring conference talk by Christian Long of The Third Teacher + Consultancy, who asks educational design professionals to recognise failure and embrace it as a more natural, organic method to problem solving, learning from our mistakes.

A fairly long clip, but it's 'out of the box' creative thinking and inspiring stuff if you design for learning environments.

Christian Long is a key member of The Third Teacher + Consultancy. He spent 15 years as a high school teacher and coach before he founded Be Playful, a collaborative global design agency focused on the intersection between school planning/design, emerging technology, professional development, and future trending. Additionally, he founded Prototype, a national design program empowering young people to solve real problems in real communities, and co-founded Reimagine:Ed, a national series of initiatives exploring the future of learning. more »