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St. Mary's Primary School ↵

Ian Tucker is headmaster of St. Mary's Primary School in Purton, Swindon, based in the South West of England. VS and Madsen Design worked closely with Ian to provide furniture solutions that would compliment the exceptional build standards of the school, at the same time delivering flexible learning opportunities that exceeded initial expectations.

During a short interview with VS and Madsen Design, Ian commented on the new school build and the VS furniture throughout:

I'm really very proud of our new school. The build standards are extremely high and I'd like to think that St. Mary's stands among the best designed schools in the South West, if not the whole of England. Myself and my colleagues fought tenaciously to acquire the funding needed to build such an ambitious project, but I'm delighted to say, it really has paid off.

Aside from the high build standards, it's the buzz the new school has as a result of the wonderful design and architectural features, both inside and out. The pupils are genuinely passionate about it and very proud of the way the building looks. They also love to interact with the equally impressive furniture supplied by VS, which compliments the school beautifully. They've not experienced anything like it and I have to say VS is certainly ahead of the competition, in my view. Together, all these factors contribute to providing us a learning environment that's truly unique and innovative by UK standards.


St Mary's Primary School headmaster Ian Tucker shares a few words in a recent interview with VS Furniture and Madsen Design. He outlines why the school is so special to him, his staff and the pupils and why VS Furniture has made a difference in creating a truly flexible learning environment - complimenting the exceptional design and build standards of the school.

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Built under the Primary Capital Programme (PCP) ↵

St. Mary's was built under the Primary Capital Programme (PCP), which, sadly, no longer exists. It fact, we managed to secure investment under the PCP scheme one week prior to the government changing educational legislation and closing it down! Once funding was approved, the architect for the project was commissioned and the design and build took around 18 months to complete. Again, I cannot stress how lucky we were to secure funding when we did it's made a world of difference to me, my colleagues and of course, the pupils.

Choosing VS Furniture

I felt because it was a such an innovative new school, with outstanding excellence in it's design and build, the furniture we select should also reflect this. Attitudes to education in the UK is changing, with more emphasis on flexible learning - a large part of which is realised through interaction with the classroom furniture. We really wanted a solution that stood over and above the usual, generic standards.

I think what really impressed me with VS was the extensive research and data the company had produced to support the products. The level of attainment and achievement acquired through application and testing had a real academic feel to it - compared to the other companies we looked at. VS gave us the confidence that we were choosing the best solution and now we have the furniture throughout the school, there's absolutely no doubt the right decision was made.

St Mary's primary School in Purton, Swindon ↵

Ian Tucker - Headmaster at St Mary's Primary School.

This superbly designed school was approved and built under the Primary Capital Programme (PCP) in 2010.

Who are we talking about? ↵

St Mary's Primary School based in Purton, Swindon is a leading edge school design built under the Primary Capital Programme (PCP) in 2010.

What value does this offer you? ↵

A great reference school for design and also to illustrate the effectiveness of VS furniture. Also, a real advocate of VS and a highly positive testimonial.