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Hercules Hinge Free Sample

The Hercules hinge opens to a full 270 degree arc, is made from non-corroding aluminium and has a load bearing of 150kg. It also comes with a 10 year warranty. Would you like a sample to try?
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From the smallest to the largest fixed furniture solution.

As a reputable Danish manufacturer of high quality fixed furniture for schools, ST offer a range of bespoke designed lockers, cupboards and storage units from primary to secondary education. We pride ourselves on delivering aesthetically pleasing, smart and functional installations anywhere within the school – from the smallest to the largest projects.

We'll work closely with you to identify your specific needs and present you a well-planned schematic and a realistic estimate of time and costs. We only utilise the best, most hard-wearing materials for the ultimate in durability and long-life. Many of our fixtures & fittings are currently the best available on the UK market.

If quality really matters, then ST are the perfect choice! With thousands of successful installations across Scandinavia and in the UK, you can be confident we'll deliver an unrivalled result.

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Laminate construction

Door fronts utilise a composite laminate construction on both sides. This is a much stronger, more durable and aesthetically pleasing surface than cheaper melamine alternatives.

Soild wood edging

Doors have an 8mm thick solid wood edge, overlaid with laminate - keeping moisture out whilst reinforcing the edges. Significantly stronger than typical PVC edge-type alternatives.

Hercules hinge

The ST hinge is made from non-corroding aluminum, with a certified load capacity of 150kg. Doors can open to a full 270 degree angle, avoiding potential breakage and damage of typical 90 degree types. The Hercules hinge also has a 10 year manufacturer warranty – currently unrivalled in the UK market.
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Soild plinth support

Cupboards are placed on a solid plinth (unlike plastic screw feet typically found in domestic kitchen units). This gives the furniture a more solid footing, with significantly less wear and movement over time.

Factory pre-assembled

Cupboards are assembled at the factory before delivery using dowels and glue (not stabled together as many cheap products are). This avoids assembly errors or potential damage usually inherent in flat packed alternatives, and is quality is assured from the outset.