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The flexibility of Shift+

Shift+ furniture from VS was used extensively throughout the St Mary's project. Download the full PDF Shift+ brochure and St Mary's case study brochure below.

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A new school build and new flexible learning opportunities

St. Mary's is a new-build school based in Purton, Swindon. The Headteacher and staff wanted furniture solutions that would compliment the exceptional build standards of the new development, at the same time providing flexible learning opportunities to meet their initial criteria.

The school was impressed by the extensive research and data VS had produced to support the products. The level of attainment and achievement acquired through application and testing was something other furniture suppliers under consideration weren't producing. This aspect alone gave St Mary's the confidence they were choosing the best solution. Once the furniture was in place and used on a daily basis, there was absolutely no doubt the right decision was made.

St. Mary's were fortunate enough to raise funding under the Primary Capital Programme (PCP) and managed to secure investment just before legislation changes lead to the closure of the scheme.

Once funding was approved, the architect for the project was commissioned and the design and build took around 18 months to complete. Shift+ furniture from VS was implemented throughout the entire school. The end result has made a significant difference for the staff and pupils, allowing a multitude of flexible learning opportunities within a welcoming, inspiring new school environment.

Ian Tucker | Headteacher

"I felt because it was a such an innovative new school, with outstanding excellence in it's design and build, the furniture we selected should also reflect this. Attitudes to education in the UK is changing, with more emphasis on flexible learning - a large part of which is realised through interaction with the classroom furniture. We really wanted a solution that stood over and above the usual, generic standards."