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The flexibility of Shift+

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In modern learning environments, extra SPACE is invaluable!

Creating efficient storage for educational environments is always a challenge. Classrooms quickly become cluttered and resources are often difficult, if not impossible to find. The VS SPACE storage concept has been designed to organise those resources in a neat and logical way, making them much easier to find when needed.

How does SPACE work? Firstly, a dedicated central storage area is built to house all teaching resources. This can be within a classroom, or an access hall or coridor. Mobile Gratnell tray units are utilised to wheel resources wherever they're needed, at any time. Once finished with, resources within the Gratnell trays can be returned to the central storage area. This system drastically saves on valuable space and alleviates the build up of unnecessary clutter.

SpaceStation & SpaceWalk units

SpaceStation units form a central hub for storing resources and materials. These are modular and available in a variety of shapes and colours. SpaceWalk units are smaller mobile storage modules that include removable Gratnell trays. These are used to conveniently access and return resources whenever they're needed.

David Stubbs | Architect & Designer

David Stubbs is an architect, designer and flexible learning specialist. He developed the concept for the Shift+ range of furniture with VS. The SPACE storage system is his latest collaboration and has won a best New Product Award in the platinum category of the space4learning platform.