Shift+ Trail Offer ↵

To qualify for the Shift+ Flexible Classroom offer, you will need to:

* Be a UK Private School

* Provide a cleared classroom, which is big enough to provide the required space for the flexible furniture. Approx. 2 square meters per student.

* Have between 8 - 28 students, from year 10 to Upper 6th

* Assign a 4-6 week uninterrupted block for the entire trial period

* Provide easy access for furniture delivery, set-up & collection

* Provide feedback we can use for our evaluation and on-going marketing activities

An opportunity to try Shift+ at your very own school!

What is Shift+?

It's a range of flexible classroom furniture, designed to meet the modern demands of differentiated teaching and learning styles. Shift+ enables the configuration and reconfiguration of classroom furniture layout in many different ways. In short, it's the ultimate flexible classroom solution!

What are the benefits?

Move quickly and efficiently from group work, individual or paired work, private study and traditional frontal lectures – or a combination of all of these activities. Shift+ allows teachers to teach and learners to learn in a way that best suits their individual needs.

Is it easy to use?

Yes it is. Shift+ utilises well-constructed, light-weight tables and chairs designed to be moved and configured by teachers and students alike. A single classroom layout can be adapted multiple times throughout the school day whenever required, quickly and efficiently.

Why are we offering the trail to selected schools?

VS are largest European educational furniture manufacturer, operating globally through a network of specialist agents and dealers. VS are looking to build brand awareness in the UK, with a focus on the private education sector. The aim is to illustrate first-hand, the pedagogic and well-being benefits for schools to adapt to a more flexible learning environment – backed by extensive industry research and scientific studies.

What is expected in return of a free Shift+ trial?

Your feedback! We want selected schools to tell us about their experience, during and after the trial. It's important for us to gain insight from both teacher and student perspectives. During an initial presentation, we'll suggest some ideas, but we welcome as much creativity in documenting your findings as you see fit!

What is the basic qualifying criteria for a trail?

You'll need to provide an empty (or cleared) classroom approximately 60 square meters in size, with a maximum of 28 students aged between XXX and XXX. From there, we can discuss requirements regarding access and set-up before booking.

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The PantoSwing's dynamic seat encourages regular changes in sitting positions, which has been shown to increase the attention of students. With a frame made of bent, powder-coated steel tubing and a seat shell made of double-walled textured polypropylene, this chair takes durability to a new level.


The PantoMove chair is height-adjustable, making it easy to quickly adjust the seat to individual requirements. The patented 3D rocking mechanism offers even greater dynamic sitting by allowing the seat area to react to every change of weight and leans gently forward, backward, or sideways.

Shift+ Base | Freeform Teacher Desk

The Freefrom Teacher Desk has a curved top that fits all other Shift+ product curves, so it can nest with other desks and tables in an unlimited set of configurations. The height can be quickly adjusted from 71cm to 115cm and the castors make it easy to move around the room. A closed book box under the table offers convenient storage on the go.

Hokki Stool

The Hokki is a true original, with an iconic wobble that creates added motion and balance, making it easy for children and adults of all ages to be more engaged and focused. The floor safe slip-resistant rubber base features a convex shape, allowing for a natural, 360-degree range of motion.

Shift+ Base | Freeform Student Table

The Freefrom Student Table is an easy to move, lightweight desk with flexible use positions. The convex/concave shaped tabletops ensure tables can be grouped together in a variety of different configurations - circles, rows, groups and more. The multitude of classroom combination possibilities opens up endless possibilities for a truly agile design concept.

Shift+ Landscape | Teacher Cabinet

The Landscape Teacher Cabinet can be used independently, or grouped into various combinations - as well as used with Shift+ Landscape seating elements to create separate seating areas. All unit bases are made from welded steel, providing superior strength and longevity.