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We help schools create more flexible learning environments. Why is this so important in modern education?

Firstly, you have to challenge conventional thought on what a learning environment is, or should be. Traditionally, classrooms with uniform rows of forward-facing desks with the teacher out front, has been the accepted format for many decades. It's a 'one-dimensional' approach to teaching - effective for some, but not for others. The reality is, students absorb information and learn in very different ways.

Some like to study in groups, some prefer solitude. Some learners like theory and abstract concepts, whilst others prefer a practical, hands-on approach. Some like to read, some prefer more visual media. A whole variety of learner needs must be met so each individual student can benefit equally from education. Recognising how our bodies and minds work in harmony with classroom furniture is vital to achieving this.

The Shift+ range of educational furniture from VS opens up real learning opportunities. It is designed to fully support modern teaching and learning practices, as stipulated by the curriculum. Studies show that static, inflexible educational furniture often imposes severe restrictions on teachers and learners alike - inhibiting successful academic results.

Dynamic seating

Twist, turn, fidget and move constantly. Past generations scorned it, modern generations embrace it. Seating that flexes and tilts with our natural body movement allows unrestricted blood flow to our body and brains, enabling us to concentrate for longer periods of time whilst learning - studies show improved academic results.

David A Stubbs | Shift+ creator

David has been recognised as one of the most important industry leaders in establishing solutions for the next generation of educational environments. His company, Cultural Shift has been the honoured recipient many industry awards for excellence and innovation. David collaborated with VS America to create the Shift+ concept and range of products.

Changing the classroom layout throughout the school day

At VS, the focus is to provide multiple options to change classroom furniture layout quickly and efficiently - allowing the varied teaching methods and unique learning styles to shine for each and every scenario, throughout the school day.