The Hokki Stool

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It's all rock 'n' roll with this ingenious multi-functional seat.

The Hokki stool is a unique, innovative product quite unlike anything else you might have seen. It's ergonomically designed to engage your core, allowing your body freedom of movement whilst sitting - perfect for the classroom, study area or office. In fact, it's so light-weight, you can take it literally anywhere.

Why does it rock and roll? Well, recent studies show that freedom of natural body movement whilst sitting increases blood flow around the body and brain, which delivers much needed oxygen to keep us more alert and focused. Great for lessons and work tasks alike. Not only that, it encourages active body movement in a fun and safe way - keeping the usual tiredness and fatigue we all suffer on static seats at bay.

The Hokki is as durable as they come as far as construction goes too, so even the most heavy-handed user will have a hard time breaking it!

5 sizes available

The Hokki stool is available in 5 fixed-heights:


Height-adjustable version

Two sizes are available with gas-sprung height adjustable column: