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The Hokki Stool ↵

The Hokki from VS is a new type of stool for use in primary and secondary schools. The design allows pupils to move more naturally whilst sitting on the stool, rocking back and forth, resolving the conflict of unergonomic seating that restricts the development of children. Utilising the Hokki no longer means just sitting rigidly still. It positively encourages elementary, playful and natural movement which aids concentration and promotes a more healthy development whilst learning.

Design quality

The Hokki is a product with a simple, basic shape that opens up a whole range of options for children whilst learning, encouraging free rein to use their childlike imagination and desire for natural, non-restricting movement. It is lightweight and designed as an easy-to-handle product, which is intuitively understood by children. With its four cheerfully bright colours, the Hokki makes a bold statement and blends perfectly into modern educational environments, stimulating positive interaction.


The convex shape of the base surface allows the Hokki to move in all directions. The polypropylene body is highly stable, but at the same time extremely light. The soft base padding (TPE) prevents slipping during dynamic sitting. The PE foam sitting surface ensures increased safety for the child when sitting. The recessed structure of the rounded sitting-surface edge offers the child a varied grip. For stacking, some of the Hokkis are turned on their heads, while the others are suspended in the gap created in between. This in itself becomes a fun, memorable challenge for children.

Innovation factor

The Hokki turns sitting for children into something interactive, opening up new possibilities to stimulate imagination and encourage a more animated, less restrictive form of sitting.


The Hokki stool from VS is a unique, innovative concept, allowing school pupils to positively interactive with seating in a fun, unrestrictive way. Designed to encourage natural movement and proven to aid concentration levels whilst learning.


The Hokki offers pupils free mobility under controlled conditions, stimulating the full apparatus of movement in a variety of ways. Such activity not only increases their well being, but also encourages physical and intellectual development. With the Hokki children are not restricted in their natural urge to be active. Rather, they are productively encouraged and supported in this impulse.


The Hokki body is made from 100% recyclable polypropylene and is therefore extremely scratch resistant - even under the toughest conditions of everyday use. Such tough durability means that the product will last for a considerable amount of time, helping to conserve natural resources.

Learning in motion? ↵

The Hokki stool from VS actively encourages natural movement, at the same time aiding the concentration levels of pupils whilst learning.

What are we talking about? ↵

The Hokki stool from VS - an innovative product designed to provide unrestricted, natural movement for pupils whilst learning.

The Hokki was originally designed by British designer John Harding - link his blog for more information.

What value does this offer you? ↵

A unique product only available from VS. Offers a great alternative to a typical classroom chair, which is both functional, funky and can be used by all ages even in an office!