ST Hercules Hinge

Hercules Hinge Free Sample

The Hercules hinge opens to a full 270 degree arc, is made from non-corroding aluminium and has a load-bearing of 150kg. It also comes with a 10 year warranty. Would you like a sample to try?
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With a load capacity of 150 kg, it's the strongest on the market.

We can all picture the scenario. Cupboard doors damaged, loose, or broken off through heavy-handed misuse within the classroom, locker area or science lab, etc. The weakest link is often just that - the hinge. The Hercules Hinge from ST is the ultimate solution to combat this all-too-common issue.

Manufactured from non-corroding, extruded aluminium, it's built to withstand serious abuse within any busy, or hectic educational environment. An elegant appearance, it has been designed to appeal to architects and discerning schools, looking for maximum durability and long-life.

270 degree opening angle

The Hercules Hinge also provides a full 270 degree opening angle, which is another unique, but highly useful feature. Allowing doors to have a wider arc when opening eliminates potential 'back-bend' issues, where most standard 90 degree hinges suffer from breakages. The Hercules hinge also has a 10 year manufacturer warranty – currently unrivalled in the UK market.

Heavy-duty load bearing

With a certified load capacity of 150kg, the Hercules Hinge can withstand a high degree of impact and abuse - often the result of a busy educational environment. In more relatable weight terms, it's the equivalent of three 8-stone pupils sitting on the door edge! Also comes with an unrivalled 10-year manufacturer warranty!