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The flexibility of Shift+

Shift+ furniture from VS was used extensively throughout the Castle Tower redevelopment. Download the full PDF case study below.

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Castle Tower full case-study

Interested in learning more about the Castle Tower project? Download the full PDF case-study by VS below.

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A challenging flexible learning scenario for a new, state-of-the-art special needs school complex

The Castle Tower school complex, Ballymena, Northern Ireland, is a new state-of-the-art SEN (Special Educational Needs) learning facility. It is designed to cater for around 300 enrolled pupils aged between 3 and 19 years, with a variety of mental and physical learning difficulties.

In 2014, a business case was submitted and approved to build a new £21 million replacement facility for the old Castle Tower school, which would also amalgamate 3 other local SEN schools - Loughan School, Dunfane School and Beechgrove School, scheduled to open in 2017.

The new school complex now provides a full range of comprehensive learning facilities. These include flexible classrooms, science labs, art and music rooms, a home-economics kitchen, lecture theatre and dedicated social areas. In addition, more specialist facilities such as a hydrotherapy pool, sensory spaces and outdoor play equipment is also available.

Raymond McFeeters | Headteacher

"It's such a great feeling to walk between our classrooms and see the furniture set up in different layouts from one room to another. Previously, furniture didn’t really move from one year to the next and in turn this hindered teaching and learning. The freedom VS shift+ furniture provides for our teachers is absolutely fantastic and is now something we couldn't live without."

Arthur Sloan | Architect - Isherwood & Ellis

"A range of recently completed mainstream and SEN schools were assessed - locally and in mainland GB. Also, European examples of not only best practice but 'next practice' schools were studied to inspire ideas that would allow the creation of a statement building for Castle Tower - befitting one of the largest, most innovative SEN schools within the UK."