The Third Teacher book

A great reference for educators and architects alike. If you're interested in the concept of flexible learning, it's worth having. Get in touch and I'll send you a copy free of charge.

About Us.

Madsen Design Education supplies both movable and fixed school furniture for the educational sector. Our philosophy is simple - build better learning environments.

Help pave the way for more flexible learning.

It's an exciting time for education, with advances in both technology and a better understanding of pedagogics - both of which have dramatically changed the way students learn and absorb information. It's now a very different learning landscape to the simpler, more linear approach of past generations.

We recognise this and take active measures. For us, it's not about selling basic, static furniture to fill classrooms. It's about raising awareness of what a flexible learning environment could really be - by integrating solutions for ergonomics, dynamic interaction, improved functionality and long-lasting durability.