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As specialist educational furniture suppliers for the UK design & contracts market, we serve a network of educational furniture dealers, FF&E consultants, building contractors and architects. Our range of products are amongst the best in the European market, if not globally, from reputable brands such as VS Furniture & ST.

Our philosophy is simple. Help to improve the learning environment for UK schools. The manufacturers we represent are passionate advocates of this philosophy too, constantly investing in research and development to improve and evolve the quality and effectiveness of their products. As a result, some of those products are innovative, award-winning examples, shining the light ahead for educational change here in the UK.

Henning Madsen | Director ↵

Madsen Design is a one-stop solution for all your educational furniture needs, supported by some of the best European manufacturing brands.

St. Mary's Primary School ↵

Both of my own children attended this superb school. Find out more about St Mary's school redesign »

Help pioneer change in the Learning Environment ↵

This is fast becoming our mantra. It's an exciting time for education, despite an economic downturn. Advances in both technology and teaching methods have changed dramatically in the last two decades within schools. As a result, the multi-faceted way our children now learn is very different to the more linear methods of teaching for past generations.

We recognise this, so it's our focus and responsibility to take an active approach, keeping up to date with as many initiatives as possible to help drive education forward. It's not just about selling furniture, it's about developing a better understanding of the learning environment and selling concepts like ergonomics and flexibility.

Perhaps more importantly, it's as much about changing the perceptions and attitudes of teaching communities within UK schools, regarding how furniture is used to facilitate better learning.